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Cherry Creek Investments, Inc.
Sean Castle

Sean Castle

Sean Castle Co-founded Cherry Creek Investment Advisors, Inc. in 1994 with the goal to help people just like you cut through the media driven “noise” associated with investing in today’s financial markets.

He’s been utilizing common-sense and time proven strategies to help people achieve their individual financial goals for over 25 years. Having navigated clients and their investments through the 1987 stock market crash and the Financial Crisis of 2008, he brings valuable experience to each and every client relationship he has.

As he often tells clients, “In spite of apocalyptic predictions, the world hasn’t ended and likely won't.” In his 25 years he’s never seen anyone make money by panicking.

Having worked in Washington, D.C., both in Congress and as a Presidential appointee at the U.S. Treasury Department, Mr. Castle brings a unique understanding and clarity to the political issues that so often contribute to the volatility and confusion in today’s investment world.

A published author and former host of a Denver based radio talk show discussing the markets and financial planning issues, Mr. Castle also speaks at various industry conferences, university functions, and business gatherings.

Over the years, Mr. Castle has served on a variety of corporate, non-profit, and government Boards of Directors. He is a graduate of Colorado State University (Go Rams!) with a B.A. in Economics.

Married for over 25 years and father to a fantastic teenage daughter, Mr. Castle enjoys traveling, photography, and scuba diving. In particular, he loves diving with sharks and has dove with over 12 different species of sharks. Sean is diving with his daughter Madison in the picture below.