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Women & their Investments

Women face particular challenges in investing and financial planning. Here are some of the typical issues women are likely to face in their lifetime:

  • Women are more likely to outlive their husbands.
  • Women generally earn and save less than men.
  • Women usually are more conservative investors.
  • Women are disproportionately affected by divorce particularly late in life.

Women often take on the role as caregiver for aging parents and sometimes even grandkids.

And when these particular events occur to women, they can be lifestyle changing. For example, the financial implications of widowhood are numerous. Social Security income is usually cut 35% to 50%. Household expenses for one are higher. Taxes potentially will be higher filing as a single. And these are just the financial implications. The emotional toll is usually far greater.

Picking up the pieces when your life changes dramatically isn’t always easy. We try to give our clients peace of mind regarding their financial assets. This is one aspect of their lives they do not have to worry about because we will take care of it.

So this is why we stress the importance of having a relationship with a professional investment advisor who can give you a realistic perspective and create a financial roadmap to help you overcome these challenges before you may be faced with them.

We often meet with prospective clients who have been divorced or widowed and who are unaware of what they actually own, where it is located, or how to access it. That is one of the reasons we created the Peace of Mind Checklist to be a simple tool for organizing important financial documents. What we encourage you to do is complete this checklist and share it with those who may need to help you deal with an unexpected situation. Please contact our office at (303) 320-5774 to receive your personal copy.

In addition, we want to offer ourselves as a resource to you and your family. We are happy to answer questions about your current financial situation and future goals and we offer complimentary consultations at any time.

For a free Women and Investing Financial Guidebook, please click on the link below.

Women and Investing Guidebook.