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Cherry Creek Investments, Inc.

Right Track Investment Services

Ready to get started?

Follow these steps to Open an Electronic Right Track Investment Account.

Step 1: Please Click on the Institutional Intelligent Portfolios™ button below.

Institutional Intelligent PortfoliosTM

Step 3: Read all the information and disclosures.

Step 4: When you finish, you will see at the bottom of the page a space to type in the Advisor’s Program Key. Type in RYGN.

Step 5: This will bring you to our page, Cherry Creek Investment Advisors, Inc. on the Schwab Intelligent Portfolio website. Here you will have 12 personal investing questions to answer. This will help us create the best portfolio suited to your risk tolerance and goals for your money.

Step 6: Once you have completed your profile questionnaire, you will be asked what type of account you want to open. 

You have choices to open individual (after-tax) or joint (after-tax) accounts.  Different types of IRA's including Rollover, Contributory and Roth IRA's as well as Trust accounts and custodian accounts for minors.  Check the bubble for the type of account you want to open.

Step 7: The program will come up with a portfolio allocation based on your answers. Here, you make the decision whether to reject or accept the portfolio. After you accept the portfolio, it will be sent to your Advisor for final approval. Adjustments can be made at this point by the Advisor based on information the Advisor gathers from you. Once the advisor accepts the portfolio allocation, you will be ready to go.

Step 8: Check the box you are New to Schwab if you don’t already have an account with them. Please provide Schwab with all your pertinent information.

Once you have opened an account, Charles Schwab will provide you with an account number. At this point, depending on what type of account you open, you can just deposit a check by dropping it off at the nearest Charles Schwab branch. This check needs to be made out to Charles Schwab & Co. If that isn’t convenient, you can mail your check to us at Cherry Creek Investment Advisors, Inc. 68 Inverness Lane E. #206 Englewood, CO 80112. We will deposit it into your account to help you get started. Also you have the option to wire money into your account (you need to check on wire fees at the sending institution) or you can transfer money electronically from an external account. If you are rolling over an old 401(k) account into this new IRA account, you will need to request your disbursement check to be made out to Charles Schwab & CO FBO YOUR Name and your new Charles Schwab account number. You have 60 days to complete this rollover from your 401(k) without getting hit with taxes and penalties.

After your money is deposited into your account, your portfolio will be invested over the next 3 to 4 days. Also available is a monthly deposit feature into the account if you would like to continue to save money for retirement or other goals. The maximum limit for 2016 you can save annually into an IRA account is $5,500 for those under 50 and $6,500 for those over 50. The same contribution limits apply to the Roth IRA.

Please call Trish at Cherry Creek Investment Advisors, Inc. at (303) 320-5774 or email Trish at if you have any questions on getting started. In addition, Schwab Alliance will always be there for you to answer questions. They can be reached at 800-515-2157.